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Healing Testimonials

Read some of the testimonials 

For me Mery'ls healing is the most powerful and empowering healing I have experienced, spiritually, mentally and physically. My mind and body has been stabilised by Meryl. She gave strength to my mind with powerful affirmation,s and assisted my body to handle the toxicity of the chemo therapy treatments. She moved and removed my pain. Meryl maintained this support through my long months of treatment and ordeal. Meryl has put me in touch with my whole self spiritually, mentally and physically through balancing my chakras and connecting me spiritually and physically back inside my body. As a result I am experiencing a more whole energy despite the long breast cancer treatments I have decided to undergo. I have been gifted a whole new awareness spiritually, mentally and physically, to living my life in a blissful and present state of mind no matter what challenges I have.  Meryl has gifted me with her powerfully intuitive affirmations that promote self healing, total balance and self fulfilment. Knowing Meryl is a rare gift and privilege. She is a wonderfully strong, gifted, intuitive, person, who has opened my eyes and mind to my new perspective on my life and continues to re-energise my body to heal itself..

Sue Stanaway. Teacher. Rotorua NZ


Meryl’s healing energetic work has been responsible for a significant turnaround in my life. I started working with Meryl when I was recovering from a long term viral illness I had little energy and was often depressed. With Meryl’s work I got to a point where my health recovered completely. Since that time Meryl helped me through a period of grief and loss of a dear brother. Also, Meryl was able to keep me healthy during a very stressful and hostile period at work which lead to me leaving and taking up a very good position as Senior Associate with a Sydney based law firm. In particular Meryl’s work has provided me with greater confidence, energy and a very positive approach to life. I have been able to achieve things in life which before seemed out of reach.  Meryl has a wonderful healing gift and I have often recommended her to other people. Simon K, Lawyer - Sydney Australia


My time with you was very valuable and everything I learned is still with me and has played a huge part in building a solid foundation of self worth for me to take forward. I still refer to you’re words of wisdom daily! Thanks to you both, my husband and I were able to better understand why we had to part and take our own separate journeys, painful though this was at the time. With your healing (Meryl) and guidance (Manu) we separated peacefully and amicably and this has saved years of potential bitterness and conflict, energy we could ill afford to waste and that we can now put into healing ourselves. Thank you for all the loving kindness you showed us and for sharing your beautiful home your family. A Wright, Great Britain


Both Manu & Meryl were the most gracious of hostesses at Waimarama International.  Their kindness and warmth made us feel right at home. The accommodation was extremely comfortable and well thought out. It provided all the amenities guests could ask for and more. The serenity and beauty of the area was stunning and instantly invoked a sense of peacefulness.  We also enjoyed all the "critters", especially Abby, who kept us comforted at night.  Both my husband & I took advantage of the work Manu & Meryl provide through Waimarama International.  The healing of the soul and food for thought that takes place after one of their sessions is incredible.  Their guidance and outpouring of love makes one feel that all will be right with the world.  They provide the tools to start upon a journey for healing and awareness.  Thank you, Manu & Meryl for creating such an inviting and spiritual environment for your guests. Shanna and Tim Thomas. USA


For some time I realised that my life was not what I wanted it to be. I have been wandering from person to person counsellors, naturopaths, clairvoyants trying to find some answers. Each had something to offer me, but not all that I needed. Meryl was recommended to me by someone I had turned to. Now my life has become so enriched it is almost impossible to put into words. I have realised how my childhood pain has inhibited me from growing, that I am the special person I have felt I was, but never felt the freedom and energy that I do now. I have no back pain or aching. My mind is clear; I see beauty in everything around me and find joy in the smallest things. I am looking forward to living my life, not just existing. The world is truly a place of wonder and excitement and I am going to enjoy it. Thank you for your ongoing help Meryl, I will never stop telling others about my experiences. Belinda G. Rotorua


I have been seeing Meryl for energy healing sessions. As a result I have found balance and underlying contentment in my emotional and spiritual life. The last two years have been the happiest I have experienced. I am now looking forward to the future, rather than living in the past and can enjoy the everyday experiences that are presented. Lynley L,  Lawyer - Wellington


The wonderful location, fantastic views, peace and quiet, spotless accommodation, log fires, sole use hot tub and sauna, crisp linen sheets........... Moving on to the healing and educational sessions which are life changing ...the list of wonderful things about this place is endless ....... the whole experience of Waimarama and the wonderful people who run it was awesome” I &J Jackson, England


My experience of Meryl's healing first occurred in the stunning, luxurious and nurturing space at Waimarama International. The private location with incredible views of the lake, healthy happy animals and native bush, created a sense of sacredness, timelessness, and ultimately a deeply peaceful space. Midway through a busy year I was feeling exhausted, depleted, in need of time out and a recharge. As a full-time counsellor working both in a community agency with young people and in private practice, I am fully aware of the importance of maintaining my own health and well-being. I believe my intuition, effectiveness, passion and energy as a therapist has increased noticeably as a result of Meryl's gift of healing and way of working/ being which addresses health on all levels. I would recommend both a healing session and if possible a visit to Waimarama International to health practitioners as an investment in your practice and treat for yourself. My daughter and friends have been to Meryl and each have noticed extraordinary benefits relevant to their health and life. Emma Sanderson. Hawkes Bay


Meryl and Manu. I came to Waimarama for a beautiful vacation and the opportunity for self discovery. I left having made quantum leaps in my spiritual journey. The remarkable healing work opened energy pathways and engaged body/energy/mind connections I have not known before. Meryl and Manu you are masters of your craft. The setting was perfect for the experience. You have made the sacred Maori land with expansive and breathe taking views open and at the same time private for meditation, contemplation, and restoration. The accommodations were luxurious, the food superb and the hospitality was most gracious. Blanketed by the milky way and southern cross, even the night sky contributed to this awe-inspiring experience. I feel blessed to have had this time with you. Thank you for your wisdom and compassion I am forever richer for it. Anne Wunderlin. USA


Meryl Yvonne is the most gifted healer I have encountered, here or overseas. I have been a client of hers for more than 20 years now and she has assisted me enormously during this time. She works in a unique way – a combination of physical work and massage to the body with release of emotional blocks and rebalancing the energy fields of the body. After a session with Meryl, which can take up to two hours, I always come away feeling completely restored, in balance and at peace. I credit my ability to survive high powered working situations partly to my regular healing sessions with her. She empowers and supports people and helps them to understand their own healing process. Many of my friend and colleagues have benefited from her healing sessions. I cannot commend Meryl too highly. Based on my very long experience with her work, I can highly recommend her services to anyone in need of physical or emotional support and assistance.  Sue Kedgley. Author Wellington


I’ve always dreamed of being a positive, happy person and I suppose I have been for most of my life. But certainly not to the extent that I see ahead of me now after completing  the Change your Mind Education Programme with Manu. Until meeting Manu in January this year, I had spent the last couple of years feeling like something was missing. I had a loving husband, great family, two gorgeous children and a satisfying job but I wasn’t particularly happy and I didn’t know why! Manu has pushed my buttons in all the right ways and made me look at life quite differently. I only wish there were more ‘Manus’ out there so that more people could have the amazing opportunity of working with her to fulfil their dreams and understand that the journey of life is there for enjoying!! Claire F, Napier


Through desperation and my husbands concern it was amazing the impeccable timing that we both found ourselves on Meryl’s doorstep, I am 31 years old and since puberty have suffered with intense migraines that would have me vomiting and out of commission for the day, when I wound up on Meryl’s doorstep I was suffering from these blinding migraines at least four times a week, on medication for life and having to pump my poor body with so many foreign medicines that the doctor had been prescribing and had been in this state for years. I was privileged to have Meryl work on me to open all of my chakras and was able after the second session to stop the medication and get on with dealing with all things that matter in my life like my children, husband, family and friends instead of been so preoccupied with the state of my health. It has been one of my most liberating life experiences to date and I recommend that all should find their way to her table!!! C Van sitter -Rotorua