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HCG Weight Loss Testimonials


When I started the program I was 120.5kg and now at the half way mark I am 110.5kg. 10kg (22lb) weight loss. In the twenty days I have never been hungry or suffered headaches....


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Lost another 500g this morning so that is 3.5kgs in 4days of actual diet. What I can't believe is how much looser my clothes are. Bagging in the bum yesterday and in the legs today......


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OMG this morning as I completed my exercise regime, I picked up the 2kgs weights and realised how heavy they were. At that moment I realised that I had really lost 13kg....


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After only 3 weeks on the HCG Protocol my Doctor exclaimed how good I looked and I asked her to check my bloods. Tests were done and my cholesterol had dropped to normal and my Blood Pressure which I had had trouble controlling was normal. Both my husband and I felt so much more energy and really enjoyed the clean healthy food. K M. Rotorua


I have recently started another round of the HCG detox and used the remainder of my HCG drops from Waimarama with wonderful results - in all on your drops I have lost more than 22kgs THANK-YOU. I bought a bottle of HCG drops through a naturopath here in Whangarei to finish the last week of the detox but found I had no weight lost with their drops at all and I would like to know if you could help me as I would like to have these drops tested as I believe they are just water. I have tried emailing the woman who sells them but she will not answer any of my emails. I believe this woman is ruining the name of HCG by selling her fake stuff and I want to test everything just to prove I am right. Any advice from you would be appreciated. Denese. Whangarei

NB. We advised Denise that there are numerous inferior products on the market and not a lot she can do about it.
A Legitimate Product - Kia Ora Meryl, I just found your website and love what you are offering to people. Thank-you on behalf of all of us who suffer with excess weight. There are so many online HCG sites and some are extremely expensive and I don’t know how to get the proof the drops are egitimate.  I bought some 6 months ago but now I am not sure they are legit. A friend said the FDA shut some people down coz they were selling pigs urine as HCG.(Makes me feel ill thinking I might have that!) In going through the different websites having you just down the road at a legitimate centre gives me more peace of mind.  L.H. Tauranga

Building muscle tone - I have found using this product that along with loosing body fat steadily I have also gained muscle tone by following a gentle but regular exercise regime throughout the programme. Bridget. Ngaruawahia

A million Thank-yous for implementing these changes in my life  - Meryl, I just wanted to really thank-you for helping me through this whole process, it really has changed my life. I had been extremely ill for the past few years, with fluctuating weight. I've had to have 2 operations and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and was showing all the signs of clinical Lupus. This programme has really made me look at life in a new way. I have to tell you, I have not felt this well for years!!! I've always been a non-drinker, non-smoker, and completely drug free, but just indulged in Kai, as part of my culture, but also to deal with the abusive 14 year relationship that I had to endure. I've been out of that relationship for just over a year now, and decided to take back something else my ex took from body!!!! It hasn't been easy, but I have a whole new relationship with food. Not only that, but I've made positive changes in the food choices I give my young teenage children. My 13yr old girl has lost 5kg, just from eating well, and cutting out junk. I find myself constantly thinking about how I can better their lives through a healthy existence. All cookies and treats are now homemade.    I'm even starting to make my own chutneys, relishes and jam to make sure that there are no nasty additives. I'm a solo Mum, so doing this programme was hard for me financially, but worth every penny for the changes it has brought about. My grattitude for your ongoing support, I couldn't have done it without you. K.P

For the first time in almost 4 years I am closer to pre baby weight then full term weight!! So grateful this works!! Thanks heaps ♥ S.Y Auckland

HCG Onsite Coaching and Mentoring Programme  

Thanks for the cautioun on the tomato - a very helpful tip. I am now on my 11th day, still going strong.  Thanks to your support, Meryl.  You help me feel like I am not doing this alone. :-) J.D Wellington

Waimarama International is a beautiful place to go to relax. The spa and sauna were wonderful and the support and guidance regarding the HCG Programme were very valuable. This has been the best start to a "diet" programme I have ever been to, I am excited to see how the rest of the 23 days go. Thank you. E.H Rotorua. 3 day onsite HCG launch.

From day one the beautiful sanctuary took my breath away. I have really enjoyed the quiet relaxing atmosphere, the spa, the sauna and all the facilities. I haven't felt so relaxed and stress free when starting a diet programme. I am so motivated and look forward to getting on the scales (which in itself is a huge change for me)as I look forward to the results. I cannot thank you enough. M.G Rotorua - 3 day onsite HCG launch

I have just had a great week a Waimarama. Lost 2.8kilos and am determined to stick with the program. Chicken roulade with steamed veges followed by fresh oranges with cardamon and ginger also sushi, without the rice were among the delicious food that was served. Had 7 days in total with all my meals provided and had something fresh and delicious everyday. The sauna and spa were great too. Thank you Meryl and Manu Kim Lupis - Te Kuiti

Hi Meryl! Thanks so much for your support throughout this weight loss journey. I am feeling great and lost 8.5kg. On "stabilisation" can I start exercising? I was planning on joining the gym and doing rigourous exercise, is that ok or do I have to wait until after the three stabilisation weeks. N.R. Napier.

Oh thank you Meryl! What a nice surprise getting a 20 dollar bonus. I am happy to say I am stabilising well day 14 after a 42 day round. HCG Is the only thing that has worked for me in 5 years ( since I had put on a lot of weight - 30 kilos)I tried weight watchers then did Atkins for a year and exercised like a mad thing but none of them worked for me. No one believed I was not cheating. Well I’ve lost 10 kilos with HCG and most of my weight was on my tummy. So many times people asked if I was pregnant which was embarrassing (and impossible since I am 47 years old ha ha) I have lost 30 inches  on the protocol 10inches from my tummy which was amazing and did no exercise and my skin is not sagging. I will do one more round in 5 weeks. I am a bit scared to move on to normal eating but will follow the protocol as it has not failed me yet. My daughter and her partner are having great results also. L.M - Auckland 

My wife and I have already completed the first 40 days treatment and also completed 4 weeks of stabilisation. We want to do another 40 day course to further our impressive weight loss. When I began the treatment my weight was 125kgs. I am now at 111kg and want to drop to 105kgs which is the optimum weight for my height. My wife started at 93kgs and she is now at 84kgs. She needs to be at 75kgs for her height. We are very impressed with the treatment. It has not been hard to  keep the weight off and I am very careful about what I eat now. Weighing myself every day has also helped recognise what food is causing me to gain weight and what is not.Eating a steak is the quickest way to kick in a weight drop if you have a flat period of little weight loss, and the apples are magic for energy lift in the morning.  I look forward to reporting on our next round of weight loss.Working together with my wife has helped us both reach the goals we have set. GB - Rotorua

Things have gone really well and I would like to order another bottle. I have done the drops twice this year and each time it has worked well for me. I have lost about 18 kilos since I saw you (it was 20kgs but you know how things go). Yes I have a new wardrobe and have given most of my old clothes away although I have kept some that are my comfort clothes for around home. Like all 'diets' you have to be committed, a little dedication however gets fantastic results. Traditional diets take time to see a good loss and so it can lose its impact because it is so gradual, eventually you can see the results but it takes months. With this product you see the results very quickly which gives you the motivation to keep going. Ironically, while the food is quite restricted, in todays workd of processed and pre-packaged diet foods, this diet works with good natural food. One of the problems I had living on my own was that it was easier to buy takeaways or processed food, this diet got me cooking again at home and made me realise where the 'bad food' came from. I also reallu like the good habits you get into that don't stop when you finish the drops - I am now more aware of the sugar content in food as well as what is good fat and which is bad. This has made a huge impact on the way I eat and my lifestyle and while it's great to fit smaller clothes, have more energy and feel better about myself in general I feel much healthier eating less processed foods. One final thing, I started this diet because I knew someone who had tried it and I trusted them when they vouched that you really didn't get hungry and lose energy and that you did lose the kilos. For people I have met that have noticed my weightloss and asked me how I have been able to tell about what a great product this is. So for anyone reading this and wondering 'is this for real', then the answer is yes, if you stick to the guidelines you will lose the weight and feel great. S.M Petone 

Problems with weight loss – Desperate

 Note from Meryl. Amber got to day 12 with negligible weight loss. She was advised not to use an oil based product on her feet or Vaseline on her lips. She was drinking plenty but her urine was clear like water. The body could not utilize water and it was passing straight through her leaving a toxic liver that could not easily break down fat. Each glass of water had the sugar molecule added via a dash of apple juice and a few mouthfuls of strong coffee were taken with each glass. The combination of sugar and caffeine transported the water to the intra cellular space to commence cleansing the body allowing weight loss to occur.

4 Days later:

 Hi Meryl
Im soooo excited to follow the advice you gave me. 
Today is day 15 on the protocol. 
Just a short update on my progress:
Day 13 - i lost 600g
Day 14 - i lost 700g
Day 15 - i lost 200g
Im very happy with my weight loss.  I started with the coffee and apple juice in my water.

 A Further 4 days later:
Hope you are doing well.
I am sooo happy.  I followed your advice and im actually losing weight.  I have lost between 1.3kg - 200g per day (depending).  I’m very happy with my weight loss.  I lost a total of 6kg now and I am in my 70's.  Wow! I can’t believe it. 

You have been a real inspiration to me.  Thanks once again Amber Lombard - Capetown South Africa

I have been very sick most of my life with so many different symptoms to deal with day to day. Most of these symptoms are diminishing. I seem to have the feeling that I am, at a cellular level, quite a different person to the one I remember a few months ago. I have been given a new life and am feeling very humbled and blessed at this moment.  I feel that I have been given the key to good health and have every intention of honouring my body in the future by listening to it's needs more clearly. I have lost nearly a stone in weight which is quite amazing. So thankyou for this opportunity, as I say it has been difficult but I always knew somehow that not putting certain food into the body and cleansing the system was a better option to health than continuing on with added medicines to add to the confusion. It will be interesting to have my cholesterol checked in the future. Best wishes and thankyou once again for this opportunity.  Josephine Miller

Things are going great with my HCG i am in my 2nd week and lost 5kg and I'm seeing a huge difference in my clothes. Thanks for getting me started on a new exciting journey.  Corrine. Rotorua

 I have struggled with weight loss for years. I was skeptical but I went on HCG after encouragement from my wife who was also on the programme. In 3-4 weeks we both lost weight. I lost over 10 kgs and my health concerns of high blood pressure and cholesterol are no longer an problem. I now enjoy good weight maintenance, healthy eating, higher energy levels and blissful rest. I still indulge every now and then but my weight and health are easier to manage thanks to the HCG programme. Thank you.  Mauri ora!  Bud B. Wellington 

Just thought I’d write in to let you know after week one of HCG I’ve lost 4.2kgs! I’ve stuck to the programme as much as possible and so far am enjoying it  I can already see the difference and feel less hungry in between meals which is a first! Erana. Wellington 

Thanks so much for introducing me to this wonderful rongoa, HCG. By the time I was on them, I was so ready for it and am determine to change my life. In fact, I not only notice the weight coming off and the clothes becoming baggy but I sleep through the night, without a headache or needing water. I don't feel hungry and if I do it's because I have skipped my in betweens. At first, I was just eating the salads with meat but now I'm willing to try the wraps with the lettuce leaves being the wrap. Also stews and soups are part of the menu now, so you don't have to stick to salad.I feel fantastic, have lots of energy and am seeing the results, so is everyone else. I have encouraged so many work colleagues, whanau and friends to come on my journey. Some are wanting to start after xmas. It's wonderful and loving every minute of it. Aneta. Rotorua

Lost another 500g this morning so that is 3.5kgs in 4days of actual diet. What I can't believe is how much looser my clothes are. Bagging in the bum yesterday and in the legs much so that they are hanging below my ankles now! Plus my spare tyre has got a slow leak. It is that sort of success that makes you want to keep going. I am going to re do my measurements this Monday as that will be 7 days of the diet. I reckon that will be more more gratifying than the scales...and they are making me happy. I now sleep around 2 hours less per day...7 hours instead of 9. I like it. Also sleep just fine! Debbie. Gold Coast


Day 12 today and a total of 10kg ... I have to be careful to not diminish the achievement of even 500g a day. I will do a measure tomorrow and post my results as I know that will give me a boost. Most importantly I am feeling great! Healthy .. clear and grounded. I have been dreaming a lot and have had a lot of "ahaaa!... moments" during this time. Trying to focus on the all of the intellectual, emotional, spiritual (not just physical) results/ shifts. Natasha. Warkworth.


OMG this morning as I completed my exercise regime, I picked up the 2kg weights and realised how heavy they were. At that moment I realised that I had really lost 13kgs Do you know what that looks like if you lined up 28 blocks of butter? It is huge. I am so proud of myself and I am so proud of those of you who love yourself to transform your lives with the protocol. Manu

Here's a cheating story. I couldn't help but have a hot scone (half), a smigeon of marg and down it went. Well a few minutes later, the scone came back the way it went down. That's the brain telling my puku - not required. That's the miracle of HCG drops. "Come on guys get HCG wise" Aroha. Rotorua

P.S  of Rotorua is a man in his 50's who was told by his Doctor he would be dead in a year if he did not lose weight. He is pre diabetic with high blood pressure and severe breathing problems. He reported that after showering, dressing and having breakfast he was so exhausted that he would fall back to sleep for 3 hrs. P.S has lost 9.8kg in 8 days and 8 cm from both his neck and his waist. He now has the energy to go down to the pool and walk about 5 lengths. Update- PS has now lost over 17kgs in three weeks and is continuing on to forty days.


T.S of Rotorua is 50yrs old and morbidly obese 178kgs. She has diabetes, high blood pressure and cellulitis that has recently hospitalised her. Her prognosis was not good. T.S was unable to weigh for 1 week after starting the Protocol. When she did weigh she had lost a staggering 11kg. She cried and cried to finally be getting results after years of trying. Update - After 26 day T.S has lost a mind boggling 28kgs. She is active! She can walk without puffing in fact danced the night away at a a recent social gathering in Rotorua.


C.H of Warkworth weighed in at 158kg and is a severe diabetic. He was on the maximum medication he could take and was still craving white bread and pies...up to six per day! In the first week he experienced a little nausea with the detoxification process as his fat dissolved away. With the release of over 2000 calories per day from his old fat stores, this huge eater had so little hunger he asked if it was ok to do fluids only. He was told he must eat a minimum of 300 calories per day. He is currently off all diabetic medication whilst on the Protocol and blood sugars are normal.  


HCG awakened my fat stores and along with eating 500 calories a day I lost 13kgs and 79 cms from all over my body in 26 days. This was painless and did not require exercise. I have completed my stablistion period of 21 days and engage in a gentle regime of exercise and the refined sugars and corbohydrates have no attraction. I truely believe my hypothalamus gland 'fat switch' has been reset. Manu


Allowing Cleansing 'flu'. Loving the lack of having a huge block to bending over. I can put socks on easily, legs don't rub together when I walk, I feel like every part of me is part of me, I feel shape in my body, curves are gentle rather than one big blob, neck curves to shoulders and there are sinews that I can see, I have knees,... cheekbones and wonderful shoulder bones, all of which I have hidden for too long. Moata. Auckland


When I started the program I was 120.5kg and now at the half way mark I am 110.5kg. 10kg (22lb) weight loss. In the twenty days I have never been hungry or suffered headaches. It has not always been easy as I have had to exercise self control over what my eyes want and my regular eating habits. Body reshaped without exercise - I have boobs. Self esteem boosted. Clearer mind. No swelling in my knee that had its cartilage removed. Feet no longer sore whenever I walk and  more mobile. Feeling fitter, not hyperventilating after walking up the stairs in my house. Feeling happier with returned feelings I thought I had lost - yes those sexual urges.  Looking in the mirror and liking what I see. Free from negative feelings like depression brought on by menopause. Feeling more confident in joining the world again and take more pride in the way I look now. Theresa C Auckland.


My clothes are either looooosssseeeee or my smaller clothes are fitting me round my butt and thighs!!!! Gosh and I'm not hungry either and love the food I'm eating...It's not really a diet it's really changing the way you eat, healthy choices I think. Teresa H. Rotorua

HCG WEIGHT LOSS 100% Success Rate