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Education & Training Testimonials

Read some of the testimonials 

Manu is an inspirational speaker who purposefully ignores the fluff and articulately focuses on the essence of what it is to be a leader, leading our lives by design and not by default (should we chose)! I highly recommend people take the opportunity to meet, talk and listen to Manu so much, that she is a regular speaker on the many leadership programmes that we facilitate every year. 

Tania Hodges
Managing Director


I’ve always dreamed of being a positive, happy person and I suppose I have been for most of my life. But certainly not to the extent that I see ahead of me now after completing  the Change your Mind Education Programme with Manu. Until meeting Manu in January this year 2011, I had spent the last couple of years feeling like something was missing. I had a loving husband, great family, two gorgeous children and a satisfying job but I wasn’t particularly happy and I didn’t know why! Manu has pushed my buttons in all the right ways and made me look at life quite differently. I only wish there were more ‘Manus’ out there so that more people could have the amazing opportunity of working with her to fulfil their dreams and understand that the journey of life is there for enjoying!! Claire F, Napier


Powefully life changing in extremely positive ways. Delivery was amazing really enjoyed the stories, loved the laughter and lightness. Thank you, thank you from the fullness of my being for sharing the knowledge you have mastered with us. Your words resonated at a very deep level and have awkened a knowing that has been on 'snooze' for too long. Manu your mischievous smile and laughter is a joy to experience. Meryl yourgenerous wisdom is greatly appreciated. You are an awe inspiring team whose wealth of knowledge is formidable AND SO BE IT!! A.G. Auckland.


Meryl and Manu. I came to Waimarama for a beautiful vacation and the opportunity for self discovery. I left having made quantum leaps in my spiritual journey. The remarkable healing work opened energy pathways and engaged body/energy/mind connections I have not known before. Meryl and Manu you are masters of your craft. The setting was perfect for the experience. You have made the sacred Maori land with expansive and breathe taking views open and at the same time private for meditation, contemplation, and restoration. The accommodations were luxurious, the food superb and the hospitality was most gracious. Blanketed by the milky way and southern cross, even the night sky contributed to this awe-inspiring experience. I feel blessed to have had this time with you. Thank you for your wisdom and compassion I am forever richer for it. Anne Wunderlin. USA


So much has happened since we were last in contact I don’t even know where to start except that my stay with you in 2010 was inspirational and the start of a journey of spiritual growth which is on-going and life-changing. I have never been happier or healthier. A.W. London.


The teachings have been extremely useful, deep and clear they take you to a time of awakening, to remembering and go deep inside. Enjoying and loving. Great teaching. This has been such an amazing weekend. I have going around NZ for 4 weeks now and I can totally say that it’s been the best weekend over all. It just feels right to be here.  I am very grateful to have spent a weekend of clarity and enlightenment with two great Masters from whom I would love to learn more. A.B.C Chile


Highly beneficial, I was able to relate in everyway Thank you very much for uplifting my spirit in a time of need. Your work carries on through me to benefit others in need to continue the wonderful journey. O.S Rotorua


The teachings are very useful and have opened up new learnings for me. Excellent teachings. A new experience for me, going home to practice meditation, be aware of blockages, language and how to live life in abundance. 'So Be It' I am so glad I came ..Loved it D.R R-D. Rotorua


The teachings will be with me for the rest of my life. I look forward to joining you in the evening meditations and being with like minded souls. P B Rotorua


I found the teaching extremely useful. I feel empowered to strengthen and lighten myself and doing so assist others in my work and play. With huge gratitude for the tools given to manifest abundance, I was filled with joy also to receive all the spiritual teachings. It felt like an added bonus beyond expectation. W.O Rotorua


Wow that puts reality back into place. Teachings were inspiring and encouraging. I feel absolutely embarrassed and foolish trying to find obstacles no to come and I am so glad I did. Very eye opening and beautiful. L.K Taranaki 


Another huge leap in my growth and understanding. I absolutely enjoyed it and want to continue. A.D. Rotorua


Recipe for self-enlightenment with Waimarama International  1. Capture the pure essence of Grace from the echoes of your own heartbeat, wanting to be seen. 2. Gradually flood it with the surrounding soothing waters of lake Rotoiti, which will charm the many ripples from every soulful note it hears. 3. Slowly you will to feel the breeze from under the wings of two very gifted birds, to allow you to peel the” what was” and “what could be” to the place of Now. 4. Now rest your mind to be all that you can be and feel the power uplifting like how Moses parted the Red sea.  5. Time is of the essence and the essence is NOW!! Thank-you Meryl and Manu  Your words were pure and your hearts were of gold....and I felt so blessed to have attended your gifted wananga that has re-energized my soul and unrestrained my mind to empower my every being in LIFE!!  From the Lord God of my being  So Say I To life  SO BE IT! Julie Anne Katene. Taranaki


Wonderful expressions of how we are to live each day. We know these higher thoughts, yet great to hear and exprerience for our growth and advancement. Balance of team work and presented with heart. C.J.T. Rotorua


Excellent teachings that are not necessarily new but gets tucked away in the busyness of life. I know that I should be here at this time, on my mums headstone it says Peace Perfect Peace. I needed to be on a conscious journey to find this. Brilliant delivery. B.M. Rotorua


Essential!! for all beings. Enlightening and reaffirming. Bless you both. Globally, Waimarama International is a special and sacred place where many will come and add to the awakening and healing of our planet. D.R-D. Rotorua


Helped me to chage my thinking. Food for thought. Wonderful learning thank you so much. T.A. Rotorua


Immensely hugely helpful. So consolidating on what I know. So much new knowledge. Great flow of learnings. The meditations so powerful, the space special and sacred. Meryl and Manu beautiful, loving, wise, captivating such beautiful souls I am so grateful to have met on this journey. N.H. Welsford


Exeptional, a beautiful reminder on how powerful we are, how deserving we are, how easy it is to manifest. Really enjoyed the energy aspects. Thank you for reminding me how powerful I can be with grace and humility. You two are beautiful teachers with insightful knowledge and life experience. S.B. Rotorua