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About Waimarama International


Meryl Yvonne, an astute business woman, a trained nurse and published author who chose to be a healer over fame through a singing career in Nashville. She was voted New Zealand's most promising female artist 1984. Meryl built Waimarama International Healing and Education Centre in 1994. Meryl is dedicated to seeing all peoples thrive and function in their whanau (family) groups totally in their power. The process of Meryl's particular skill is to earth and align an individual’s energy to enable them to fully release past trauma and emotional blocks. By engaging the spirit Meryl works with the mind and the body to clear emotional blocks. Meryl's client base has covered a wide spectrum that includes professionals, celebrities, politicians, individuals and whanau (families) who find their way to her table.

Manu Neho, a Spiritual Educator is of Maori and Samoan descent. For the past 30 years, Manu has worked in the community designing and delivering programs and services in the areas of Health, Social services, Education, NGO's, Dept of Justice and Corrections. Manu is passionate about every person standing in their own  Light and being sovereign in their thinking, speaking and action. When an individual is developed personally it will inform their external reality and professional ability. Manu lives in the knowing; that the greatest desire of each person is to seek clarity of who they are, what their purpose is and how to BE. Each person has a yearning to BE; to be better, to be greater, to be successful, to be at the top of their game.



We are facilitators and processors of energy and knowledge. We facilitate processes that clear past trauma and blockages in the emotional field and retrain mindsets and unhelpful thinking that cause limitations to realising potential. With a clear mind and emotional clarity engaging the spirit all roads lead to happiness and success.



Healing and Living by Design programmes are available with or without an onsite stay.  Stay in our beautifully appointed accommodation with the internet, sky tv, sunny outdoor living with an infrared sauna and spa pool also available. In the summer access our private beach. We will tailor a programme to suit your time frame and finances. If you are unsure call and discuss your situation to find a solution that is acceptable to you.  A catering option is available of delicious organic, gluten, dairy and sugar-free meals with a focus on detoxification for clarity at a cellular level.

Babies and children up to twelve (12) years old have always been seen free of charge.



You can expect 60 years of combined knowledge and experience of working with and facilitating healing and retraining processes. You can expect confidentiality and most of all you can expect RESULTS.  



Mums and Dads, Children, Young adults, The Elderly, People with cancer, People with so-called bad luck, CEO's, Lawyer's, Millionaire's, Movie stars, Politicians, Farmers, General Managers, Sportsmen and women, People with depression, People with anxiety, People with relationship troubles, People who want to live life and reach their highest potential. Anyone can come here.



To spend time at “Waimarama” is healing for the body, mind and spirit.
From the vast expanse of water views, stunning sunsets, to her whispering winds she speaks from the nothingness, the stillness and all that is magical in nature - ‘wa i marama’ a place of Clarity and Enlightenment.



‘The combination of ‘Transformational Healing’ and 'Living by Design Programme' is powerful and not offered anywhere else in the world.’